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Sep 16

I’ll be at Long Beach Comic Con, Sept 27-28at Artist Alley table 1900.Visit my site,, for commission info and other convention updates.

I’ll be at Long Beach Comic Con, Sept 27-28at Artist Alley table 1900.

Visit my site,, for commission info and other convention updates.

Sep 15

Hulk vs Rocket Raccoon!Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.

Hulk vs Rocket Raccoon!

Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.

Sep 12


Tom Mason, Falling Skies commission.

Tom Mason, Falling Skies commission.

Sep 11

thebigrascal said: Hey Todd! Just found your tumblr and I just have to say how within 5 seconds (probably less) I'm a huge fan now. Your style, lines, colours, and proportions (if that even makes sense!) just sit right with me. I can't wait to take a look at some of the videos as I love to draw as well, but when I can't get to drawing, I love to look at others drawings, and I'm so happy to add you to that list. Fine work, good sir!

Thanks! Glad you like what you see!

Sep 10



Sep 09

kaitzi said: You sure are answering a lot of asks hahah. Not an ask as much as a comment - I've been a fan of Impulse/Bart Allen for 18 years and your and David's interpretation was so good. I just reread all of YJ and it's still amazing - and when I think of Bart I think of him in your style. Thank you for all that work! :-)

I’m honored that my rendition of Impulse is your recall visual.
I really loved drawing that character and he continues to be one of my all time favorite DC Comics characters!

charlesthemusician said: Thanks so much for the reply! I'm trying to get to the point where I can draw my favorite characters in my own poses from my imagination as opposed to always drawing something someone else has drawn. As with anything, and being a musician, I know being good only comes with practice. Last question, would you suggest continuing to learn by copying my favorite artists?

I believe drawing from one’s favorite artists can be an inexpensive way to learn from the masters and discover how they solved the riddle and put together the puzzle.
But I think drawing solely from comic art reference could be a disservice to one’s own growth as a comic artist.
I think more significant growth comes when a person starts to draw from real life. That’s when we’re interpreting life through our own personal artistic filter. I think that’s when individual “style” really starts to form and become unique.

Finding one’s own artistic style (or voice) isn’t easy. We all face challenges in pursuing our craft. We each get to decide how we handle that.
One can benefit from trying new things and wrestling with the frustration but coming through the other side having learned something and, hopefully, reaching a newer level in one’s skills.
(And sometimes that’s easier said than done!)

We all have our own artist journey to travel. Comparing our art to someone else’s work can be a pitfall if we let it discourage us rather than moving us forward to learn more to make our next drawing a little bit better.
(Again, that can be easier said than done).

Keep on drawing and try to enjoy the process/journey as much as possible.
I mean, that’s why we draw, right? :)

fadedgiant said: how do you stay so handsome? do you have some kind of hyperbaric chamber you sleep in?

And the hyperbaric chamber is on back order.

calebpalmquist said: Hi Todd! We met at Emerald City Comicon this year. I was dressed up as Quentin Quire, and you took a photo with me. I just found your tumblr so I wanted to say thanks for all the awesome work, and I'm loving Nightcrawler!

Great meeting you at Emerald City Comicon. Your Quentin Quire cosplay was spot on!
Thanks for reading Nightcrawler. Issue #6 is out tomorrow!

blizgori said: Just popping in to say: yours has always been my favorite interpretation of Bart Allen/Impulse, but my regard has increased since I attempted a sketch of him myself. That is some difficult hair! You made it look entirely effortless.

Thanks! Bart Allen/Impulse is one of my favorite characters. I was so glad I got to draw him in the Young Justice series fro almost 5 years!
(And, yeah. that hair DOES take some practice!)

charlesthemusician said: Hi Todd! I've just very recently discovered you and your work. You've quickly become one of my favorite artists! I used to draw a lot when I was younger and decided to get back into it. Your videos have been helpful! When drawing, I've never had an issue with copying someone else's work, my problem is trying to draw something from memory. Do you use reference photos when you do your sketches or do you just have an encyclopedic knowledge of the costumes and look of the characters you sketch?

Thanks for the question!
I draw a lot from my imagination. I do use photo reference at times to help get anatomy as correct as possible/needed.
I can draw the super-popular characters in their classic costumes (Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, etc) straight from memory.
Some characters, either the more obscure ones or characters that got new costumes, I need to reference from the comics. But I soon learn their new look and don’t need the comics for reference as much.
And some characters, like Iron Man, change their looks with such intricate detail, I find using action figures helps me draw their design from different angles.
I hope this info helps!


Sep 08

Nightcrawler #6 is on sale this week Wednesday, Sept 10th.Check out the issue #6 preview on Comic Vine! Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.

Nightcrawler #6 is on sale this week Wednesday, Sept 10th.

Check out the issue #6 preview on Comic Vine!

Pigma Micron and Copic Sketch markers.